The Doom Ray Podcast.

Recorded weekly, Thursdays. Host: Kyle Jobson.

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Kyle Jobson, Inventor of the Doom Ray.

Kyle Jobson, Inventor of the Doom Ray.

Our regular Doom Ray host, Kyle Davies Jobson is Digital Producer for a midlands-based publishers by day, and a geek of monolithic proportions by night. Kyle studied animation and film at Birmingham City University and has a genuine obsession with film, games (both board and computer), comics, technology and Lego. 

He is always neutral and eager to be diplomatic...No that's a lie. He is overtly opinionated on all thing be his opinion informed, or not. He argues with oft blind one sidedness, but his passion cannot be doubted. He’s a tubby Northerner with a penchant for an argument but a lovable tubby Northerner nonetheless.

The weekly Doom Ray podcast serves as a retrospective look back on the week's happenings and news as well as current developments. From film analysis to game reviews, technology commentary to interviews, and from memorabilia to beef burgers, Doom Ray is the informal sane ramblings of mad men.

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In a return to the ever-popular world of "Frontiers", regular Doom Ray host Kyle Jobson talks to Lars Simkins about what happens next. Frontiers raised a staggering $157,381 from a total of 4,574 supporters. In this episode Lars talks about the challenges of putting together a remote team and provides a post-mortem on the campaign.