Constructing Re:Sleeves

On Monday the MA course in Visual Communication at BIAD played host to Ben Waddington—design archeologist, historian and storyteller—who took the opportunity to open up some of the thinking behind the Re:Sleeves project. Ben has an incredible ability to take observations, details, coincidences, and to weave them into cohesive narratives which navigate their way through a landscape of shaky evidence and solid insights. The "lies in service of the truth", if you like. (Actually, Michael Haneke is a good reference point, as Ben's approach reminds me of that of the 'unreliable narrator' who talks us through Haneke's magnificently truthful film The White Ribbon.)

Ben's lecture is now available here as a special 'extra' edition of Re:Sleeves, along with a PDF of the presentation slides that you can listen along to if you're so inclined. It'll be hitting the regular Futurilla Radio feed soon.