Facebook Wants To Be Your Home

Om Malik is bothered by Facebook Home, and well he might be. Facebook's big announcement turned out not to be a phone but a step towards its own branded OS which puts the big blue F front and centre on your Android phone, and integrates a bunch of the social media advertising company's services into your lock screen. It'll probably go down a storm with the (twenty-something?) audience that lives on Facebook, but it ought to set alarm bells ringing for any of us who are uncomfortable with just how much information we're giving (for free) to a company that has done a fantastic job of giving advertisers more ways to sell us things.

As a friend pointed out to me a while back, most people really don't care about privacy as long as they get cool stuff, and it'll take regulators, governments and privacy advocates to really make a difference here. I'm optimistic though that that might well happen. It's recently come to light that a major reason for Google's shuttering of Reader was the expectation of onerous privacy regulation, and I'm certain that Facebook's land grab for your home screen has regulators and lobbyists going through the terms of service with the finest of fine tooth combs.

Source: http://gigaom.com/2013/04/04/why-facebook-...