The Return of the Cybercafé?

The Guardian newspaper has opened a cafe in East London, ostensibly as a place for journalists to sit and work, but it seems they've blown it by thinking they need to build something reminiscent of a late 1990's Cybercafé:

Where once coffee culture meant broadsheets, mood lighting and oversized sofas, #guardiancoffee seems set up for those more interested in Instagramming their latte art rather than enjoying a conversation. The closest thing to a morning edition you'll find inside is a paper cup; instead, each branded table hosts an immovable iPad in its centre, showing off the Guardian's digital content. However in practice GQ found it to be more of an annoyance than interesting feature; encouraging a workplace for journalists without enough table space to rest a laptop is clearly a novel approach.

Very strange. Doesn't everyone have their own iPad, notebook or smartphone nowadays? If they want to open up access to The Guardian's walled-garden content they should be providing time-limited subscriptions for customers.