iOS 7 Looks to the Future

A lot will be written in the upcoming weeks about iOS 7, Apple’s decision to change an OS that allowed them to sell over 600 million devices, and designers’ taste for new system icons and interface. Change is always scary. When it comes to devices we use every day, major changes such as iOS 7 will need time to get used to. I see some iOS 7 design elements as a work in progress, subject to be tweaked and refined as betas are released throughout the summer. After six years of iOS, the new Home screen feels strange and unfamiliar. I’m sure that, even after iOS 7 will be released publicly later this year, it’ll take weeks to assimilate the changes and start thinking of iOS 6 as an odd past that won’t be familiar anymore.

Federico Viticci's epic look at iOS 7 is everything you might expect from him: Thorough, perceptive and thoughtful. Highly recommended. Viticci, puts the changes into context, and offers up some very interesting ideas about how Apple is readying its mobile OS for the next five years' evolution.