Wireless Power Moves Closer To Reality

Artemis' pCell technology is exciting for what it brings to mobile data communications, but they're hinting at something much, much bigger

pCell isn’t just LTE

Concurrently with LTE devices, pCell supports "pCell-native" devices, at far lower cost and power, each with its own pCell in the same spectrum. pCell-native devices can be faster than LTE with fiber-class latency.

For example, an iPod®-class device could be made pCell-native with minimal additional cost at the same size and power, and would provide better than LTE mobile performance in pCell coverage areas.

This opens the door for low-cost pCell-native smartphones, wearables, UltraHD TVs, laptops, appliances, etc.: a broadband Internet of (inexpensive) Things.

Stay tuned. We’ve only scratched the surface of a new era.

{Hint: pCell technology isn't limited to just communications}

Source: http://www.artemis.com/pcell