Close, But No Cigar

Ian Betteridge puts his Law of Headlines into full effect with "Should you swap your Mac and iPad for a Surface Pro 3?". In short he has a lot of good things to say about the new Surface Pro, but:

For me, having two devices makes more sense. Most of the time, I can take the iPad and enjoy the insane battery life, huge range of applications, and easy portability of a tablet. Sometimes, I might want to take my MacBook Pro, and enjoy all the fantastic Mac apps. The number of occasions when I don’t know which device I’m going to need — or when I need both — are much rarer than Microsoft would like to believe.

I know people who want a single device and are prepared to make compromises to achieve that simplicity. For some, that device is a laptop, for some a tablet, for others a large-screen phone. Me? I've never wished my Mac was an iPad, nor my iPad a Mac.