"I don’t know all the right ways to be a graphic designer"

Excellent Design Week interview with Jonathan Barnbrook. Full of real insight and vision.  

JB: “It sounds cliché but have the strength in your beliefs. Even if you’re not quite sure you’re right, have an opinion, because the world is full of designers who don’t have an opinion or who are too scared to express their opinion, or just want to do any work they can. I think the way to be successful and generate work is to have your own world point of view. You’re an artist after all. A creative person after all and if you can make that clear there’s a real reason for people to come to you.”

For my money Jonathan is the most important graphic designer working today, and yet another example of Bowie's impeccable taste in collaborators.

JB: “I’d like to do more music stuff but I’d also like to work outside of design. I’d loved to have been an architect or work on a large scale project.

I’d love to be involved at the start of a building project. I’ll probably never get the chance but I’d love to design a building.”

If I ever get to commission a building I'm giving him a call.