It's Alive!

It's Alive! Korean Film Festival Panel Special

Returning after a break with a special edition recorded at Birmingham's first Korean Film Festival at the Mockingbird Theatre in Birmingham's Custard Factory. Regular host Stuart Tonks reunites with Matt Green, Robert Sharl, and first-time guest Alexi, to talk about Korean films, horror, and not Star Wars.

It's Alive! S2E3: Zombies!!!

Regular host Stuart Tonks is joined by Robert Sharl and special guest CJ Monk to discuss the recent history of the zombie movie, and try to get under the skin of one of the most compelling horror sub-genres.


Night/Dawn/Day of the Dead -

Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue -

Zombie Flesheaters -

Nightmare City -

Hell of the Living Dead -

The Beyond -

House by the Cemetery -

City of the Living Dead -

Grapes of Death/Raisins de Morts

The Blind Dead Series –

Zombie Holocaust -

Survivors – technically not a zombie movie but has all the tropes and more!

Day of the Triffids – see above -

Shockwaves -

Dead and Buried -

Night of the Comet -

Night of the Creeps -

Reanimator -

Bio-zombie -

Junk -