Re. Sleeves: Ryan Hughes' [RHP] CDR Label

Re:Sleeves' Ben Waddington met up with Ryan Hughes last month to talk about his label [RHP] CDRs. Ryan is the artist and curator of a variety of experimental music releases and designs the packaging himself according to an ever drifting, shifting set of rules.

Notes: The exhibition we refer to in the podcast has since come down but it's well worth keeping up to date with Ryan's activities at

Re:Sleeves July 22nd 2013: David Bowie is a Grain of Rice

After a brief hiatus, Re:Sleeves returns with a show recorded at the new Birmingham Institute of Art & Design building in Birmingham UK. Special guest, sculptor Ana Rutter joins regular hosts Ben Waddington and Robert Sharl to talk about the David Bowie is exhibition at the V&A Museum. As the exhibition's London run draws to a close Ana talks about constructing a specially-commissioned artwork for the show, and we consider how Bowie's history tracks the cultural shifts in popular music during the late twentieth century.

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Re:Sleeves 15th March 2013: Swans

In the second Re:Sleeves show, host Ben Waddington dives into the ongoing design legacy of Swans, the seminal New York band who emerged in the early 1980's, and who thirty years later continue to make music which is perfectly expressed by the visuals which accompany it. Plus: Bowie/Barnbrook follow-up.

Re:Sleeves 1st Mar 2013: Weaving Down a Byroad

Welcome to the very first edition of Re:Sleeves. Host Ben Waddington talks to Robert Sharl about the much-admired design of Bowie's "Berlin Trilogy". The three LPs released between '77-'79 are neither a trilogy, nor primarily a product of Berlin, but nonetheless hold a magnetic attraction for aficionados of Bowie's most experimental period and of his enduring mystique.