Doom Ray Special: Lars Simkins Frontiers Interview Pt. 1

This week's Doom Ray is something a little different. In a two-part epic interview we talk with Lars Simkins, designer of the the incredible-looking Frontiers. An awe-inspiring open world exploration game lovingly created by one man. Lars has a background in VFX with credits that include The Hunger Games, Breaking Bad and the stunning Pushing Daisies. Now he has turned his  considerable talents to games design and the results look nothing short of breath-taking. If you're as blown away by Frontiers as we are, check out the Frontiers Kickstarter and consider backing it. Thanks again to Lars for his time and for giving us a glimpse behind the development of this stunning game.

Part Two is now online here.

Doom Ray June 8th 2013: Doctor Who?

Kyle and Robert discuss who'll become the 12th (or is it 13th?) Doctor, what Microsoft are up to with Xbox One's daily calls to home, and where Apple might innovate in iOS 7. 

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Resolution April 9th 2013: Richard Battye on This England Then & Now.

Robert Sharl talks to photographer Richard Battye at his studio in Birmingham's Custard Factory, about his acclaimed 1999-2002 project "This England", and how digital might change its 2013 revisitation.

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In the first official episode of our digital image and photography podcast, Regulars Mike Priddy and Robert Sharl talk about the relaunch of the Jessops store in the UK, and whether Apple-style service can save photography retailing.

Doom Ray April 5th 2013: A Disturbance In The Force

Doom Ray April 1st 2013: Lifesize Clara Oswald

Doctor Who returned to our screens this weekend, and Kyle & Robert reconvene the Doom Ray team to talk all about The Great Intelligence, Clara Oswald, and a few things more.

Doom Ray March 17th 2013: Thanks for the Memorabilia

In a relaxed Sunday edition, Kyle Jobson and Robert Sharl discuss this year's Spring Memorabilia Birmingham show, talk zombie T-shirts, collectable Doctor Who figures, and R2 units. Plus: fanboy snobbery, and the crisis in Sim-City.