This is why Apple doesn't crowd-source its design ideas

I was tempted to link to this Eweek piece with a sarcastic sneer and little else, but a few of the suggested "improvements" deserve more thorough rebuttal. For the most part their list spans the blindingly obvious and the astoundingly dumb. Here, in order:

1. 5-inch screen: A fairly safe start. Apple will increase the screen size as it's able to balance resolution, colour accuracy, power consumption, usability, development fragmentation, cost, yield, size and weight.  If they can get extra screen area whilst considering all those factors then we'll see it as soon as they're good and ready. Next year? Your guess is as good as Eweek's.

2. A8 Processor: No shit, Sherlock.

3. Better Battery Life: Ditto. I don't think any consumer technology company is more focused on power management than Apple is, and there's no-one in the smartphone business better-placed to deliver on it. I'm also not hearing big complaints about this year's iPhones in terms of battery life. I'd say my 5s is better than my 5 on this front.

4. Infra-red: You have got to be freaking kidding me.

5. Wireless charging: Ah the perennial dream of a cable-free future. Sadly, you still have to plug in a charging mat or dock, and you still have to include a socket for the times when you don't have the mat with you. That is to say, almost all of the time. So, no.

6. Near Pro-quality camera: Sure, Eweek can imagine a better camera. 

7. Radical new materials: Yes Eweek, Apple likes to experiment with new processes and materials. You can bet their labs are full of these experiments. Thankfully, unlike some companies, Apple doesn't test its experiments on consumers.

8. NFC: No Freaking Chance.

9. New wireless standards: Yep, 802.11 ac would be nice. Finalisation of the spec isn't expected until 2014, though Apple's already added it to the Time Capsule. I have no idea what implications it has for power consumption or cost though, and neither does Eweek.

10. 128GB: I know some people who want 128GB storage on their phone, but I know a lot more who buy 16/32GB every time. I had personally hoped that the 16/32/64 price points would have been replaced by 32/64/128, but I also want a pony.

Four or five half-sensible suggestions does not constitute a list of "10 improvements", Eweek.