16GB iPod touch

Yesterday Apple stopped selling the 4th generation iPod touch that's hung around as the entry-level model since last autumn's introduction of the higher-price-but-impressively-built 5th generation. That older model looked pretty outdated, especially since the new design is the first in a while to come close to the quality of the current iPhone. In many ways, the latest iPod touch is even nicer than the iPhone–slimmer, lighter and great to hold–and it's a great entry model for the iOS platform. At £249 though, it's very close to the price of an iPad mini, and while that comparison gives you less storage, it also gives you the ability to use Apple iBooks text books and a longer battery life.

The 16GB model introduced yesterday however (black+silver only) brings the entry price down to under £200 for what I think will be the first time. We lose the main camera and the 'loop' wrist strap connector (for a barely perceptible 2g weight loss), but keep the FaceTime camera on the front, the gorgeous screen, and the super design. I'm hoping that iOS 7 will bring those iBooks-Authored text books to iPods, since this would be a fantastic device for students who aren't ready or able to get an iPad.

As a gaming device the lower-priced iPod touch gets even more appealing. It's now much closer to the PSP Vita's £170, and even to the 3DS's £130 or so. That price difference disappears if you buy a few games. Is there any iOS game that costs as much as the cheapest game for either of those platforms?

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