Adobe Hardware for iPads

Both Project Mighty and Napoleon appear to be small, simple pieces with an aesthetic reminiscent of the white and silver of early iPod models. The stylus has a single button, and the ruler is marked with a series of shapes that can be switched between to alter how the pen is drawing. On the iPad, Napoleon displays lines on the screen which a user can trace, effectively turning the tool into a digital protractor that allows the creation of sharp, specific shapes. The pen's input can be distinguished from human input inside the connected app, allowing users to perform gestures, such as undo, or to have their fingers act as an eraser.

Well this certainly shows that Adobe takes tablet computing (for which, currently, read iPad computing) seriously, as well they might. I'd be much more positive about their impact if they weren't tied to the Adobe Creative Cloud, but expect to see more stuff like this. 

Also: Imagine how well this would work with a 12-15" iPad.