The Most Interesting Slide at WWDC

I talked this weekend to Kyle Jobson on Doom Ray, and we touched on anticipation for today's Apple WWDC keynote. As usual there's a ton of speculation about what we can expect to see, though very little in the way of solid information this year. The main thing to remember of course is that it's a developer event, and that means that the most interesting things aren't going to be those things that you can read about in Metro on Tuesday morning.

What I'll be most looking forward to is the same as usual: This slide. It's in the seemingly innocuous list of APIs that Apple reveals more about the near-term future of its platform. It's in the list of public APIs that we learn what Apple hopes developers will build for iOS, or at the very least the building blocks that it's providing for developers to do cool stuff with. When I see that, I start to think about where the platform is headed. This year, I expect to see more evidence that iOS is becoming powerful enough to be my primary computing environment, even more than it already is.