Is Touchscreen Technology Good For Toddlers?

If you've a child under the age of three, this research project is looking for folks to help find out more.

I am currently potty training my little boy and we are both finding it a rather challenging time. But wait a minute, there’s an App for that! Within minutes he is being congratulated by a total stranger on his ability to perform a bodily function and being awarded virtual stickers that he can drag over to his high definition reward chart. My feelings are mixed. Am I being a ‘good’ mum finding up to the minute ways to help my child reach early milestones as well as en-culturing him into the digital world in which he will grow up? Or am I a being a ‘bad’ mum, jettisoning my parental responsibilities onto a pixelated piece of programming, a high resolution load of nonsense that adds nothing to my son’s experience of life and potentially confuses his emerging ability to socialise and build relationships?