Apple Means Business In Health Sensors

Latest big-name hire is Cercacor's Marcelo Malini Lamego, and he comes with a serious pedigree in health-care sensors:

Lamego is credited with more than 70 patent applications and granted patents related to a number of categories, including sensors and patient monitoring technologies. His profile also notes that he's authored more than 30 peer-reviewed articles relating to topics such as neural networks, power electronics, and adaptive systems.

In particular, Lamego was the lead scientist developing Masimo's "Rainbow Technology" platform, which is a noninvasive monitoring tool that assesses "multiple blood constituents and physiologic parameters that previously required invasive or complicated procedures."

Seriously, when can we stop calling this thing the iWatch? Sounds like calling a tiny pocketable computer platform "iPhone", just because that's the space it takes up in your pocket.