The iPad as Clinical Diagnostic Tool

This new profile on Apple's "Your Verse" iPad case studies site highlights something that often gets overlooked when talking about health applications: The ability of great software to turn an iPad into the equivalent of specialist diagnostic equipment costing many thousands of dollars. 

A concussion isn’t like a broken arm. It doesn’t show up in an X-ray or even an MRI. So to accurately monitor the injury, you need to visualize its effect on a person’s cognitive and motor performance. The C3 Logix app uses a hexagon-shaped graph to represent the multiple symptoms associated with concussion. The athlete's normal level of function is shown on the perimeter, with postinjury results inside. During recovery, the inner graph moves out toward the perimeter.

Last year we did some work on ways of using iPad for clinicians to run routine patient tests, but this goes much further. Inspiring stuff.