Andy Ihnatko's Apple Watch Ambivalence

Interesting observations. And whether I agree or disagree with Andy, I love that he's the kind of guy who properly pluralises mouse as mouses.

And remember that this is a watch, strapped to a human wrist. It can’t be dogged down too tightly or you’ll cut off the blood flow to your hand. So the demonstrator sometimes used their right thumb to steady the opposite side of the watch while their index finger was working the wheel or pushing the button underneath it.

Mind you, photos, videos and descriptions of the original Mac seemed clumsy to many people who had never worked the mouse themselves. In the abstract, you’re constantly taking your hands of the keyboard to push this chunky bar of soap around the desk and then going back to the keyboard. But in practice, it’s not awkward at all.

So long as I’m comparing the controls of the watch to those on the original Mac mouse, though, I can’t help but point out that it only had one button. The mouses that preceded it has lots of controls but the Mac team decided that with this brand-new device, one button was sufficient and led to a cleaner device that was easier to use.

It really is important to remember how each interface breakthrough comes with a learning curve. The original Mac (and the Mac Plus that followed it) came with an audio cassette explaining how to use a mouse.