Will 2015 be the Year of the Laptop?

On the heels of all the 12" MacBook rumours comes this CES piece from The Verge:

The most significant (and consistent) CES absentee every year is Apple, but even its MacBooks managed to get into the news this week with a leak suggesting there’ll be a leaner and meaner 12-inch MacBook Air coming this year. The key to making that happen, beyond the move to the more efficient Broadwell CPUs, is the newly introduced USB Type-C connector. Shaped like Apple’s own Lightning plug, it’s slim and symmetrical, and it’s going to make it possible to build even thinner laptops than we already have. It’s crazy to think it, but Type-C is the sort of blindingly obvious upgrade in convenience that may push some people over the edge to go and finally upgrade their years-old laptop.

Whether it’s Intel’s chips, Apple’s design chops, or the continuing refinement of Windows machines, you’ll have more reasons to consider buying a new laptop in 2015 than in the previous three years combined. It’s a good time to be in this market, that’s for sure.

Though I use the iPad as my primary computer I think the death of the notebook is a way off. Heck, I've fallen back in love with my iMacs over the last year or so (and could easily see myself getting a retina iMac this year). In truth, all these device formats (and I include the Watch as a potentially useful space) have a place, and we're just beginning to figure out how information and functionality can move between these spaces in meaningful—and comfortable—ways.

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