Apple Store Upper East Side

Beautiful new Apple Store conversion in New York City. 

 >The former site of the U.S. Mortgage and Trust Company at 74th and Madison Avenue is a relic from the neighborhood's gilded past. The beaux-arts building first opened its doors to the bank's well-to-do clientele in 1922. Today it is essentially the same building it was a century ago, but with a brighter facade, new floors of Botticino marble, and an Apple logo above the bronze doors.

There are rumours that Apple will be taking over this building here in Birmingham UK later this year. Also originally a banking hall (for the Midland Bank) , it's a stunning building that's currently occupied by Waterstones booksellers. Knowing that Waterstones can't sustain two large stores within walking distance of each other in the city, there's been some concern that it might end up home to a company who'd pay little attention to the architecture. I think it'd be in safe hands with Apple.