Doom Ray August 26th 2014: Guardians Of The Galaxy

In this episode of Doom Ray Kyle and Toby discuss Guardians of the Galaxy. In this screaming fan girl edition of the show questions asked include: Is this the birth of the new Star Wars? Where and how does it fit into the wider Marvel universe? And, is Chris Pratt the sexiest man alive? (the answer is yes...yes he is).

It's Alive! Korean Film Festival Panel Special

Returning after a break with a special edition recorded at Birmingham's first Korean Film Festival at the Mockingbird Theatre in Birmingham's Custard Factory. Regular host Stuart Tonks reunites with Matt Green, Robert Sharl, and first-time guest Alexi, to talk about Korean films, horror, and not Star Wars.

Re. Sleeves: Ryan Hughes' [RHP] CDR Label

Re:Sleeves' Ben Waddington met up with Ryan Hughes last month to talk about his label [RHP] CDRs. Ryan is the artist and curator of a variety of experimental music releases and designs the packaging himself according to an ever drifting, shifting set of rules.

Notes: The exhibition we refer to in the podcast has since come down but it's well worth keeping up to date with Ryan's activities at

It's Alive! S2E3: Zombies!!!

Regular host Stuart Tonks is joined by Robert Sharl and special guest CJ Monk to discuss the recent history of the zombie movie, and try to get under the skin of one of the most compelling horror sub-genres.


Night/Dawn/Day of the Dead -

Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue -

Zombie Flesheaters -

Nightmare City -

Hell of the Living Dead -

The Beyond -

House by the Cemetery -

City of the Living Dead -

Grapes of Death/Raisins de Morts

The Blind Dead Series –

Zombie Holocaust -

Survivors – technically not a zombie movie but has all the tropes and more!

Day of the Triffids – see above -

Shockwaves -

Dead and Buried -

Night of the Comet -

Night of the Creeps -

Reanimator -

Bio-zombie -

Junk -

Doom Ray August 20th 2013: Gunpoint and Shadowrun

In the latest episode of the Doom Ray games show regular host Kyle Jobson and Toby Rutter discuss the massive commercial and critical success of the indie title Gunpoint. They also discuss the new Harebrained Schemes RPG Shadowrun. Is this a cyberpunk classic or does it hit a little wide of the mark? Thanks for listening. 

Doom Ray July 26th 2013: Batman vs. Superman

In this week's Doom Ray–in the absence of Ashley–Kyle and Toby discuss the highs and lows of superhero games. From Superman 64 to Batman Arkham City and everything in between. They also touch upon the subject of the up-and-coming Batman vs Superman film. Enjoy the show and, as always, stay classy San Diego.


Re:Sleeves July 22nd 2013: David Bowie is a Grain of Rice

After a brief hiatus, Re:Sleeves returns with a show recorded at the new Birmingham Institute of Art & Design building in Birmingham UK. Special guest, sculptor Ana Rutter joins regular hosts Ben Waddington and Robert Sharl to talk about the David Bowie is exhibition at the V&A Museum. As the exhibition's London run draws to a close Ana talks about constructing a specially-commissioned artwork for the show, and we consider how Bowie's history tracks the cultural shifts in popular music during the late twentieth century.

Links for this week's show: 



Doom Ray July 14th 2013: Is Bigger Better?

 Following the success of our Rezzed special, regular Doom Ray host Kyle Jobson reunites with Toby Rutter and Ashley Khan to discuss the age old argument of quality vs quantity. Does a game have to be 100 hours long to offer value for money? Do indie games give you more bang for your buck? This plus a slightly awkward discussion about girls from school. Next week we will be looking at Rockstar's potential magnum opus Grand Theft Auto V. Enjoy and, as ever, thanks for listening.

Doom Ray July 3rd 2013: Funded!

In a follow-up to our obscenely popular interview with Lars Simkins–the one man team behind the ever increasingly impressive Frontiers–we take a more in-depth look into the features that make this game so special. We also talk about the success of the Kickstarter campaign, and the next step on the road to Frontiers. 

Some strong language at the start.

Doom Ray June 25th 2013: Rezzed Indie Game Show Panel

This week regular host Kyle Jobson is joined by Ashley Khan, Dev QA at Codemasters and Toby Rutter Lead Character Artist at Flix Interactive. They discuss the many highs and not so many lows of the Rezzed indie game show that took place in Birmingham UK last weekend. They also take a wider look at the direction of indie games and the renaissance that it seems to be experiencing. Enjoy, and thanks for listening.