How do you Upgrade the Apple Watch?

On the subject of the soon-to-launch Apple Watch, MacObserver's John Martellaro drops this reality bomb:

When Apple announces a new product, they've been working on it in secret for years. As a result, the obvious questions we ask ourselves between the time the product is announced and when it ships have already been worked out by Apple. And so, it makes little sense to beat up on Apple for things that we dream up as potential problems until the product actually ships.

There's been on-off speculation since we got our first look at the Watch that something like this might be possible. After all, you don't expect your solid gold watch to need replacing every year. Moreover, that new all-in-one S1 package looks remarkably like a separate module. Apple's designed that to be easy to swap out, even if it doesn't intend to let you do it yourself.

Even more interesting in my opinion: Apple will be getting a lot of experience in developing small, sealed packages that bundle all a device's sensors and chips together. Where else is that going to show up over the next few years?